TJ Actin
TJ Scaffold
TJ Strands
TJ Vesicles
TJ Actin
TJ @ Mitosis
TJ @ Cell Extrusion
TJ @ Cell Migration
TJ @ Wound Healing

Each citation is linked to the original abstract.

(1) Best TEM pictures of TJ cytoplasmic plaque in "Intestinal absorptive cell tight junctions are linked to cytoskeleton".

(2) Actin filaments of both polarities at TJ in "Interactions between actin filaments and between actin filaments and membranes in quick-frozen and deeply etched hair cells of the chick ear".

(3) Network of actin filaments just beneath TJ in "Cytoskeletal architecture of the chicken hair cells revealed with the quick- freeze, deep-etch technique".

(4) Good Pictures of actin immunogold on TJ membrane strands in "Immunogold localization of actin in the testis and exocrine pancreas: spatial relationship with tight junctional strands".

(5) Immunogold labeling of actin at TJ in "Electron-microscopic detection of cytoskeletal actin in the epithelial cells of bovine abomasum".

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