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TJ Strands
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TJ @ Wound Healing

Each citation is linked to the original abstract.

(1) Lateral movement of strands when stretched in "Mechanical tension induces lateral movement of intramembrane components of the tight junction: studies on mouse mammary cells in culture".

(2) Complexity of strands in "Functional significance of the variations in the geometrical organization of tight junction networks".

(3) Very interesting TJ strands seen at filopodial extensions in "Effects of extracellular calcium depletion on membrane topography and occluding junctions of mammary epithelial cells in culture".

(4) Interdigitation at initial cell-cell contacts in "Adult rat hepatocytes in primary monolayer culture. Ultrastructural characteristics of intercellular contacts and cell membrane differentiations".

(5) Both proteases and Triton X-100 cause proliferation of TJ strands on the lateral plasma membrane in "Effect of proteases and other treatments on the proliferative assembly of tight junction strands in the rat prostate tissue".

(6) Precursor(s) of TJ strands present(s) at basolateral plasma membrane in "Basolateral but not apical application of protease results in a rapid rise of transepithelial electrical resistance and formation of aberrant tight junction strands in MDCK cells".

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